most suitable Armchair
183 AUD
a wonderful example of an armchair for both classic and modern office or home interiors. Stylish, comfortable, ergonomic - the combination of convenience and quality of this model will satisfy the desires of even the most demanding customer, no doubt!
95 AUD
it is stylish design, high quality materials and mechanisms and correct ergonomics. A classic silhouette that seamlessly blends shiny metal and eco-leather. This model will look appropriate both in the office of the head and in the home environment, decorated in a modern style.
166 AUD
will fill your working day with convenience and comfort. The stylish office chair will take care of your spine all day, ensuring the correct seated position. Alternatively, you can sit back and relax by swaying serenely in your chair.
120 AUD
an elegant executive armchair that will fit into the interior of the office of the head of a reputable company or home library. The model is large enough, it looks impressive, but at the same time, it is quite simple, without excessive pomp.
142 AUD
since its inception, it has become a hit of our store due to its easily recognizable minimalist design, extraordinary comfort and practicality. This stylish model combines an urban look, correct ergonomics, high quality materials and modern mechanisms.
184 AUD
This is a stylish armchair that is perfect for a CEO or company manager. The solid dimensions and relief "muscular" surface of the chair give a feeling of reliability, strength and comfort, thereby confirming the sonorous name in honor of the ancient Greek titan, who holds the heavenly vault on his shoulders. Business negotiations and hours-long meetings with partners, office meetings and lengthy study of documents - all these official duties can be easily overcome, comfortably sitting in this chair.
169 AUD
if you are looking for a comfortable, compact and high quality chair at an affordable price, then this is exactly what you need. For little money, you will get an excellent modern home-made armchair, made of high-quality materials in a stylish design.
117 AUD
a stylish model that is ideal for a modern executive office. Due to the elegant design and harmonious combination of various elements, it will become an excellent assistant and highlight of the interior.
184 AUD
High quality eco-leather upholstered toy armchair is incredibly comfortable It has a swinging effect

Computer chairs: hundreds of models in stock, with immediate delivery

It would seem that it is not difficult to choose a suitable option among the huge number of office chairs on the Ukrainian market. However, practice shows that too large an assortment introduces an unprepared buyer into an easy stupor and prevents him from concentrating on the main thing - his needs. We want to teach you how to easily navigate in all this diversity, so that in the end you can find yourself a chair that is ideal for your needs.

The main requirements for them are practicality and durability. The first provides height and depth adjustment of the seat, allowing you to adjust the chair to the height of any of your employees. But the quality of the upholstery and a reliable frame is responsible for the durability. It is these points that you should pay attention to in the first place. We also recommend for staff to choose chairs with an anatomical structure of the back and comfortable armrests. Unless, of course, you want your employees to work harder and walk less to stretch their numb backs.

As for the cost, focusing on the lowest price is not the right decision. Cheap furniture won't last long. However, you can save money in the long term if you take care of the possibility of repairing office chairs in the seller's company in advance. So, we always have in stock various types of rollers, the most running crosses, replaceable armrests, gas lifts and other mechanisms that our customers may need in the future. Moreover, we have created our own service department, which quickly eliminates breakdowns and prolongs the life of old chairs.

It differs from a standard computer chair by its larger size, expensive finishing materials, and also a more solid appearance. For a manager, this is extremely important, since his office chair is not just a piece of furniture, but also a certain indicator of the reliability and financial solvency of the company as a whole. In addition, executive chairs are usually the most comfortable and comfortable, as they have a swing mechanism and have additional adjustment options. On our site you will find dozens of models that allow you to customize not only the height and depth of the seat, but also the height of the armrests, the backrest tilt and even the position of the headrest.

These pieces of furniture are perhaps the easiest to choose. Since they are not intended for long-term sitting, no one has any special requirements for them. The chairs you will be offering visitors just need to be lightweight, practical, and fit well into the overall interior. The exception is conference chairs, in which you often have to spend several hours in a row. They just should be soft and comfortable. Otherwise, fruitful work may not work.